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Parsa's Virtual Route 66 Roadtrip

I made this site after several trips along Route 66 over the last 16 years. My first web site was made after taking my family along 66 though California and Arizona in 2001. In 2002, my older daughter and I traveled the whole road from Chicago to the Pacific. I've also taken several research field trips through the California and Arizona sections of Route 66.

My goal is for this to be a bit more than a personal home page featuring family photos. I've tried to supply some information and original content about the Mother Road. If there's something you'd like to see on the Internet that you think is missing, email me at "parsa9-at-yahoo-dot-com", and I may just put it on here.


Site Features

I used a Macbook Pro to make this site. I tried hard to make it look good on several browsers and on Windows PCs. It's designed to scale appropriately on pads and mobile devices. If you note any formatting or display problems with the site, please contact me.

The photo roadtrips were designed using JetPhoto Studio.

The forum was designed using Simple Machines (SMF 2).


Linking To This Site

Feel free to link to this site, but please do not make outside links to my photos or any other image on this site.

If you'd like a graphic link button, I've provided a few below. Please download them to your hard drive rather than linking to them. You may scale them as needed or make the orange backgrounds transparent.


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