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Main Route 66 Link Pages

[spacer] The Largest Route 66 Resource on the Web

[spacer] Jack Mount's Historic Route 66 Page

[spacer] 150 Route 66 Links

[spacer] Links Page - National Historic Route 66 Federation

[spacer] Links Page - Route 66 Association of Missouri

National Route 66 Associations

[spacer] National Historic Route 66 Federation (USA)

[spacer] Canadian Route 66 Association

[spacer] Norwegian Route 66 Association (in Norwegian)

State and Regional Route 66 Associations

[spacer] Route 66 Association of Illinois

[spacer] Route 66 Association of Missouri
[spacer] Cool retro web design!

[spacer] Kansas Historic Route 66 Association

[spacer] Oklahoma Route 66 Association

[spacer] The Old Route 66 Association of Texas

[spacer] New Mexico Route 66 Association

[spacer] Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona

[spacer] California Route 66 Preservation Foundation

[spacer] California Historic Route 66 Association

[spacer] Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association

Government Web Sites

[spacer] Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program - National Park Service

Route 66 Museums

[spacer] Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum - Pontiac, IL

[spacer] Route 66 Museum - Clinton, OK

[spacer] National Route 66 Museum - Elk City, OK

[spacer] The Devil's Rope Museum & The Texas Old Route 66 Museum -
[spacer] [spacer] McLean, TX

[spacer] Historic Route 66 Museum, The Powerhouse Visitors Center -
[spacer] [spacer] Kingman, AZ

[spacer] Barstow Route 66 Mother Road Museum - Barstow, CA

[spacer] California Route 66 Museum - Victorville, CA

[spacer] San Bernardino Route 66 Museum - San Bernardino, CA

Map and Directional Pages

[spacer] Swa Frantzen's The Mother Road: Historic Route 66

[spacer] Drive 66: directions for Texas

Recommended Resources

[spacer] Parsa's Recommended Route 66 Resources

Discussion Groups

[spacer] Route 66 Yahoo eGroup
[spacer] The main Route 66 discussion group on the net


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